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    Brief introduction of special cutting sheet for glass magnesium board

    > From:TianYi Browse:- Release date:2016/7/16【

    With the improvement of people's life, the living environment has been improved increasingly, safety and environmental protection materials are more and more popular, demand for magnesium plate is also growing, how to produce high quality and low price products are the main points of common concern of the majority of the magnesium plate.
    How to improve the quality of the vast number of glass magnesium board are in constant research and development, product quality in the growing improvement has been well received by the majority of customers. But how to reduce costs is a headache, increasing labor costs to reduce the cost of the biggest obstacle. "To improve efficiency is to reduce the manufacturing cost of Shanghai Co. Ltd." Xiangpiao fire board, chairman Bao Yuancheng led the company's mechanical engineer and electrical engineer and constantly improve the level of automation equipment, saving labor costs, but no good tools can't really improve the efficiency. Magnesium plate without special saw blade, commonly used woodworking carbide saw blades and cutting the road, hard alloy saw blade cutting effect, efficiency is not high, every day requires repeated grinding 4-5, the cutting speed, surface roughness, cutting off angle, edge, easy to burn tablets. In order to improve the production efficiency, Bao Dong personally to Shanghai RongZi saw blade Co., procurement saw, and put their distress and asked to speak to RongZi saw the R & D team, R & D team spirit of "customer needs is our pursuit of" service concept, at the scene of repeated tests, finally reached the satisfaction of Bao dong.
    Now the use of the effect is such, cutting speed, cutting surface clean, do not drop corners, do not burst, do not burn tablets. Cut 7.2 mm thick plates, a cut of 9 sheets, 12 hours can be cut about 2300. Cutting 12 mm thick plate, a cut of 6, 12 hours cutting about 1400. Saw blade comprehensive cost: 12 mm thick fire board each need about 6 points, improve the production efficiency, reduce labor costs and cost of electricity.
    The current use and supporting manufacturers are: Shanghai Xiangpiao fireproof board manufacturing Co. Ltd., Mstar Technology Ltd, Shanghai scfm Xinlong fireproof materials Co. Ltd., Shanghai Jian magnesium new fire building materials limited company of Shandong Province, Shanxian County Aussino magnesite cement factory, Shandong Qingzhou Jin Sheng Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu hi tech Zhangjiagang City Haifeng machinery factory, Jiangsu Zhangjiagang South City Rongcheng Ring Casting Co., Jiangsu Zhangjiagang Yang Yang fire board machinery factory, Zhangjiagang City million enrichment fireproof board factory in Shenzhen City, Guangdong province science and Technology Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Hongshun light wall material Co. ltd..
    Although these customers are very satisfied with the use of our products, but we know that "only better, not the best", "only the starting point, not the end," the concept of R & D will not change. "No service concept of customer needs, our pursuit of" change, we will listen to the feedback of customers, continuously improve the R & D of new products, to meet the different company, area, equipment and products cutting requirements.
    I believe in the efforts of our research and development team and the majority of new and old customers under the guidance of our products will be more and more perfect, more and more close to your needs, as long as you give us a chance, you will guide us and become our good partners and good teachers and helpful friends.

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