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    Diamond saw how to maintain?

    > From:TianYi Browse:- Release date:2016/10/12【

    (diamond saw blade, granite marble blade) although not leather, shoes and other expensive items need regular care, but if you want to use the blade effect, the cutting efficiency is fast, they need to pay attention to the maintenance, maintenance, not only can make diamond saw a more beautiful appearance, but also conducive to improve quality of blade.
    Diamond saw blade maintenance should pay attention to the following points:
    After the 1 consumers buy diamond saw, if not in use at the time, do not touch on the cutter head of diamond saw blade, because manufacturers usually in the head above the spray a layer of paint, paint peeling off if easy to touch it, it will make the cutter head of diamond saw blade exposed and oxidation occurs in the air among them, this will lead to rust, affect the appearance of diamond saw blade.
    2 when we buy a diamond, be sure to pay attention to gently, because Chongshuai will inevitably lead to the blade deformation, and the cutter head of diamond saw blade is on the same level, so, when we cut stone, diamond saw blade is curved, not only affects the quality of blade is more. Cannot cut stone.
    3 used in diamond saw blade when, should protect the matrix, gently, must not fall, because the diamond saw blade can be used repeatedly, if the deformation of the base will not be able to maintain good welding head, the matrix is equivalent to the cheap to buy a new blade.

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