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    Characteristics of diamond grinding wheels and how to choose

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    Diamond grinding wheel is composed of diamond cutter head welded or cold pressed on the metal substrate and the diamond cutter head; through artificial diamond and other industrial metal powder, cold pressing and hot pressing sintering were made, and then welding on metal substrate in bowl shape. Diamond grinding wheel is usually encased in concrete grinding machine for grinding up such as concrete, granite, marble and other stone and so on.
    Diamond grinding wheels with different types and specifications to meet the needs of different applications, general use for the purpose of grinding concrete, stone, and paint, glue, epoxy resin and other ground coating.
    The diamond cutter head with different matrix, different particle size and different concentration of diamond; matrix can be divided into hard, soft, etc.; particle size, rough, fine; so the quality and use of them is different;
    When we choose diamond grinding wheel, can also according to their own use to select the appropriate; for example, when we started working on hard ground, we should also choose soft grinding wheel matrix; if it is quite soft ground, we can choose relatively hard matrix.
    Diamond grinding wheel for different roughness surface grinding, we should choose appropriate particle size selection, we usually for coarse grinding, grinding wheel should be soft matrix and high quality selection, particle size can choose larger particles, such as 16#, 20# or 30/ 40# to polish, select the appropriate grinding wheel can increase work efficiency; for fine grinding, we can also call a throw, we can choose the hard grinding wheel matrix and fine particles, particles such as 80# -120#, can also according to the needs of other grinding, finer grained

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