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    Diamond grinding wheel is a kind of diamond tools

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    Chinese Name: Diamond English Name: Diamond definition: allotrope of carbon, is the hardest material known, there are two kinds of natural and artificial. Disciplines: Mechanical Engineering (first class); abrasives (two disciplines); abrasive (three disciplines) diamond, commonly known as diamond". And that is what we usually say. It is a mineral consisting of pure carbon. Diamond is the hardest substance in nature. Diamond is a very wide range of applications, such as cutting tools in the arts and crafts industry. Carbon can be formed under high temperature and high pressure.
    Diamond grinding wheel is a kind of diamond tools, mainly is suitable for the grinding surface treatment of refractory materials and products of the conical specially designed mounting hole structure, easy handling, processing with good flatness, high grinding efficiency, high life, can be applied to all domestic and imported grinding equipment.

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